Gay Punk Cabal

Reporting From Glendale, California.

Adam (whose Raw Materials blog is informative and entertaining), Loren, and I will be carpooling to Santa Ana later today to see Mysterious Skin. It will be my second time listening to the slap-slap of dick, and I bet it'll be even better the second time around.

I've been listening to Pansy Division a lot lately. An openly gay pop-punk band that sang about the homo lifestyle over the hard crunch of guitars, the band was inarguably revolutionary when it exploded onto the scene in the early nineties. When they were tapped to open for Green Day during the Dookie era, they were pushed into mainstream consciousness. Not bad for a band boasting song titles such as "He Whipped My Ass at Tennis (Then I Fucked His Ass in Bed)." The band proves the fact that you don't have to listen to Judy Garland to feel empowered.

Because I stalk Adam on his Myspace page, I discovered that he loves Pansy Division too. Loren, however, doesn't like them, to which I point an angry finger at him and yell, "Homophobe!" So Adam and I have conspired to listen and sing along to Pansy Division all the way to Orange County and back—with the simple intention of making Loren's ears bleed.

Everybody sing with me now:

I was really not the sort
To do well on the tennis court

He whipped my ass in tennis
Then I fucked his ass in bed

(Extra points for anyone who can tell me what that album cover is parodying.)


  1. Ooh, I'm sad I'll be missing the Pansy Division car ride fun! I personally take credit for Adam's affection for the Pansy Division. --Adam's friend who's meeting you in OC.

  2. Anonymous6/24/2006

    I would assume that loren is already charging his ipod.

  3. Can you hear that? That's the sound of Loren rolling his eyes in disdain. I'm popping the PD DVD in right now. Let's see how he reacts.

  4. We were way nicer than we should have been to Loren. He lucked out. I think I'll have to loan you all my PD albums before I leave, just to make up for it.

    Oh, and FISTING!!, because I'm going to yell it everytime I see you, even online.

  5. I squirm. I squirm.... Because YOU'RE offensive!