Are You in Any Way Happy for Me?

Reporting From Glendale, California.

Inverness has just completed mixing the 13 tracks on its debut album, I Am Not in Any Way Happy for You, a title dripping with emo incivility—as is appropriate for a band of four guys ranging in age from 20 to 22. Less emo and more pop-punk, the album (on sale in September) is mainly a rockin' revenge treatise aimed at ex-girlfriends, but the guys also make sure to skewer former drummers, annoying roommates, absent fathers, and ex-girlfriends' mothers—as demonstrated in the song, "Two-Face," in which the lead singer declares, "Fuck your mother/And you know what?/Fuck you too." A line like that might fill your mind with images of rat's head-biting goth boys, who troll the streets to kick the asses of people like you, but the guys in Inverness are actually nice boys from the coastal town of Pacifica (about 20 minutes south of San Francisco), who have an ear for sweet-ass melodies, strong pop hooks, and complex musical arrangements that go beyond punk's three-chord structure. One look at them, and you wouldn't think they were in a rock band; you'd think they were the kind of boys who fondle your vegetables at the Safeway checkout counter. (Incidentally, 50 percent of the band works at...Safeway!) Look at them:

Cool guys from the suburbs who grew up on Green Day and cheating girlfriends.

Now they are known to sing the ocassional love song. Take "Miller Does a Body Good," for instance. No, it's not an ode to beer. The album's lead track is really a bouncy, infectious love song. You can listen to it (and download it for free) here: "Two-Face" and "Are You Listening?" are available on that page as well.

As excutive producer of the album, I'm learning a lot of things—the most valuable of which is modern-day teen slang. "WHAT'S CRACK-A-LACKIN'?" Well, this CD is gonna be "SICK." If this CD were a girl, I'd "RAWDOG" her.

Exactly how long will I be able to prolong my adolescence? Well, how high can you count?


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