Awful Truths and Drinking Water

Reporting From Glendale, California.

As you may know, my 75-year-old neighbor, Larry H. Faragamo, keeps asking me to post his movie reviews on my Web site. And I have graciously agreed because he has a knack for film criticism, giving us insightful commentary on Brokeback Mountain and revealing the true meaning behind Curious George. His latest review has just been posted, and his deep analysis of An Inconvenient Truth, the Al Gore documentary, is stellar. So check it out. You'll make an old man proud.

Loren saw An Inconvenient Truth a few weeks ago and ran home frantically, babbling about the Toyota Prius and replacing all our lighting fixtures with flourescent bulbs. I finally caught up with the film last week in a nice air-conditioned movie theater, and Al Gore's doomsday presentation is not as depressing as I thought it would be. In fact, the film is ultimately empowering, emphasizing that we as individuals can make a difference in defating global warming. has tips on how we all can change for the better.

I'm giving up my much-loved Fiji water (too much fossil fuel is expended to ship that magic elixir to me) and going for water that comes from springs in California. That's as local as I'll go with drinking water. L.A. tap water tastes like donkey ass. (That's double ass, by the way—an ass's ass.)


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