BLOGATHON 2006 ENTRY #16: Touchy-Feely

Reporting From Glendale, California.

Speaking of music videos, I just shot one for Inverness for their song, "Level 5 Clinger," a haunting and grinding rock piece about being stalked by a dumped cheating girlfriend. The music video stars John Cho (of Harold and Kumar fame) and Kerri Higuchi, who was in my first professional play production ever, Big Hunk o’ Burnin’ Love at East West Players. We were up until 1 a.m. the other night, shining bright lights into the courtyard of my apartment complex, hoping not to agitate the neighbors or draw attention from the police across the street.

And speaking of Defamer, John’s name found its way to Defamer as well with this juicy little morsel that a reader submitted as part of the site’s regular celebrity sighting postings:
Friday night, July 7 at The Vermont in Los Feliz Village: John Cho (of Harold & Kumar, American Pie, etc.) with a group of friends. He was quite touchy-feely with another male member of his crew, causing my companion to speculate on his sexuality. Personally, he didn't set off any blips on my gaydar.
John and Kerri happen to be married. Sorry to disappoint you, fellow gay boys. Stick to Lance Bass. Boy bands are always a reliable source of secret cockmunchers.


I am eating Thai tamarind candies. The Jews want me to eat the cat. (See comments to previous entry.) Help me.


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  1. Kosher cat is hard to come by, Canters runs out of it all the time.