BLOGATHON 2006 ENTRY #2: What Happens in Vegas...Is Interesting

Reporting From Glendale, California.

I've written two plays set in Las Vegas (The Theory of Everything, which takes place on the rooftop of a wedding chapel and dealt with UFOs, and Bee, which is about an invisible man in a city where it's easy to be invisible), and people have wondered about the origin of this seeming obsession.

When I was a kid, my parents would drive to Vegas every few months. What is it with Asians and gambling?

They would give me a roll of quarters and shove me into an arcade, and they would go off to do their gambling thing, occasionally returning to take me to eat. I couldn't be happier. Do you know how empowering it feels for a kid to have an entire roll of quarters—AN ENTIRE ROLL!—and have free reign of almost every single video game known to man? It's like a crack high without the crack. Not that I would know what a crack high feels like. But I have a very vivid imagination.

As the years passed, I was witness to the evolution of video-game technology. I think, for me, it really culminated with Dragon's Lair...

...and Space Ace, which were like a cross between a great animated film and a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book. I didn't play as much after that because I grew up and bitter and stopped believing in magic and wizards. Well, okay, so I still believe in wizards, but don't tell anybody.


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