BLOGATHON 2006 ENTRY #48: Home Stretch

Reporting From Glendale, California.

This has been a challenging 24 hours. I am getting ready for bed, as I think about my final entry, which is coming a half hour from now. How will he end this event, you wonder. Stay tuned.

I actually did it. I actually stayed up this long. I actually wrote and wrote and wrote. And I haven’t stabbed anyone in the heart yet. It must be some kind of miracle. You see, miracles are all around us. I am living proof.


This entry was written during Blogathon 2006 (held from Saturday, July 29, 2006, 6:00 a.m., through Sunday, July 30, 2006, 6:00 a.m.) in support of Bread for the Journey. A total of $383.92 has been raised so far. You can still pledge money RIGHT NOW through Monday, July 31, 2006. Sponsor this event by clicking here RIGHT NOW. And here are full details about my involvement in this event.

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