BLOGATHON 2006 ENTRY #8: Sleep Is a Glorious Thing

Reporting From Glendale, California.

Okay, so I'm only eight entries in, and I am already sleepy. I think I'm going to attempt naps in between entries. Don't worry. I have an alarm that's louder and more jarring than the apocalypse.


I don't know much about the history of Purple Rain, the movie, but it's weird; I saw half of it the other night. All the actors/musicians in it use their real names even though they're playing fictional characters. Like Appollonia comes on, and she's like, "I'm Appollonia." And it's like, "What?!" And then they're like, "Here's Morris Day and the Time." And it really is Morris Day and the Time. It's like metatheatrical and shit. Though it has some of the worst acting I have ever seen in a movie.

Prince, curiously enough and perhaps because of common human decency, is simply referred to as "the kid," maybe an early sign that he wouldn't stick with "Prince" throughout his career and life. I, on the other hand, have always stood by my name, no matter how many times kids in school kicked me for it. Think about that the next time you make fun of me.


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