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Reporting From Glendale, California.

Since answering your e-mails individually is far too much work, it is time once again for "Frequently Asked Questions," wherein everything you wanted to know about me is revealed in graphic detail. This is the "Literary Edition."

What magazines do you subscribe to or read on a regular basis?

Entertainment Weekly
The New Yorker
Rolling Stone
Theatre Bay Area
The Week

Which magazines do you take to the toilet with you?

None. I like getting the job done fast and furiously.

Now c'mon, don't you read porno mags?


Why not? Why not?!

The photographs in pornographic magazines are static. I need motion.

What if the pictures in porno mags are holographic or 3-D?

I would try everything once. Except voting Republican.

I know that you like those freaky New Age books. What are you reading right now?

I'm rereading The Nature of Personal Reality by Jane Roberts, an empowering book that elaborates on the idea that we all create our own reality.

And A Course in Miracles, which explores the ideas of forgiveness and inherent self-worth.

I've recently come to the conclusion that any progress you make in terms of self-improvement is only temporary or illusory if you don't cultivate a strong sense of self-worth and believe in your own inherent goodness. (Please note that self-worth and self-esteem are two completely different things.)

As much as I shun organized religion, it is perhaps the best model for advancing those important ideas. That doesn't mean you'll find me in a church any time soon. I'm just making an observation. Plus, Sunday is holy to me and reserved for morning cupcakes.

One fundamental question I'm asking myself lately is this: Is developing a healthy sense of self-worth possible without a belief in God or some kind of higher power? More specifically, you can be an atheist or agnostic or have a peripheral realtionship to a God and still of course be able to build self-esteem (like we all can), but can you build self-worth?

It's complex issue. Think about it, and get back to me.

Can we go back to porno mags?


What else are you reading?

Missing Persons, a phenomenal play by Craig Lucas; I saw a production many years ago at Berkeley Repertory Theatre that was really fantastic.

And Teenagers: An American History by Grace Palladino, which is research for a new piece I'm writing. About horses. Ha ha ha! Just kidding. It's about teenagers. American ones. Historically. Ha ha ha!

Aren't you reading any novels?

I don't read novels.

Why not?

Why does anybody do anything?

Will you read my script?


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