Sleeping and Sin

Reporting From Glendale, California.

I have slept so much over the last few days. Staying up for 24 hours straight and expending so much brain power so continuously whipped my ass. But I'm proud that I made it through, and I think I might try the whole 24-hour thing again, but for another cause. What if I wrote a script in 24 hours? What if I chewed gum for 24 hours? What if—and this would be the hardest—what if I watched gay porn for 24 hours? Which of those things would be the most effective in transforming my soul? Well, you all know the answer to that one.

Gay porn!

Speaking of porn, anybody who's anybody in the San Francisco Bay Area is going to Impact Theatre's Night of Sin theater benefit, which will be unlike anything you're likely to experience. You've got to hand it to Impact for putting together something so outrageous. I mean, the folks over at Berkeley Rep wouldn't be caught dead at an event that features erotic readings, burlesque dancers, a full-scale staged catfight, an amateur stripping contest, and games with names such as "Cock Ring Toss" and "Pin the Panties on the Hottie." Buy your tickets to this sinful August 12th evening RIGHT NOW. I command thee!

Impact has a unique place in the landscape of Bay Area theater. Their work is bold, hip, and it all takes place in the basement of a motherfucking pizza parlor! THIS is what theater is all about, baby!

Incidentally (or is it "incestuously"?), when super musician Brandon Patton and I performed some test performances of our spoken word/music variety show, Jukebox Stories, at Impact last March, the company loved it so much that they asked us back for a full six-week run this November.

So, I know from personal experience how crazy and sexy these motherfuckers are. Go to the benefit. I, unfortunately, will not be in town, so I need you to be my personal ambassadors. YOU SPEND TOO MUCH TIME AT HOME. GET OUT AND SEE THE WORLD.

And speaking of the world, I thanked a lot of people during my insane Blogathon day, but I didn't thank the world. Thank you, world! Together, you helped to deprive me of precious beauty sleep and to raise a grand total of $453.92 for Bread for the Journey. Excellent job, people!

All this talk of porn is making me hungry.

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