Do Me, Bond. Do Me, James Bond.

I have never found any James Bonds particularly sexy in a I-want-him-to-throw-me-over-a-couch-and-violate-me sort of way. And when Daniel Craig was announced as the new Bond in a $150 million "re-invention" and his mug was showing up everywhere, I thought they were digging at the bottom of the looks barrel. Papers were calling him "rugged," but we all know that's Hollywood code for "not attractive."

However, while seeing Casino Royale, I witnessed Craig participating in amazing rooftop chases; playing Texas Hold 'Em with the cool of an Asian gambler; and emerging from the ocean with water glistening against his unarguably hot body. I leaned over to Loren in the middle of the movie and said, "Okay. Daniel Craig is a stud." He's a got a definite manliness to him, as well as charm to spare. And I can now say that Daniel Craig can throw me over a couch any time. ANY TIME. Make me your bitch, Bond!

How could you not be drawn to a man who puts on a brave face whilst having his balls bludgeoned by a Eurotrash villain who cries tears of blood? (Yes, you read that sentence correctly.)

—Reporting From Berkeley, California

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