Brandon Patton is a nerd.

The situation: me, Brandon, and friends at Au Coquelet Cafe in Berkeley after the opening night performance of Jukebox Stories.

The conversation:

BRANDON: ...[blah blah blah]...Magic the Gathering...

FRIEND: What's Magic the Gathering?

PRINCE: It's this fantasy role-playing game
that Brandon plays and—

BRANDON (indignant): It IS NOT a fantasy role-playing

PRINCE: Um...okay.

BRANDON: It's a game of strategy using cards!


BRANDON: With dragons on them.

I rest my case.

—Reporting From Glendale, California


  1. Prince Gomolvilas, I love you, now and forever, and now the world can know it. Loren and Sharon don't have to worry, because I know I only occupy a space in your brain, and maybe a tiny space in your heart, and no other part of your anatomy, but I'm totally fine with that, because it's cool to have a brilliantly funny writer and artist say such a totally cool thing.


  2. Contrary to popular belief and supposed biological fact, I store everything in my ass.