The Not Good Shepherd

Dear The Good Shepherd:

Why are you the most boring movie I have seen all year? Why did you make me fall asleep over and over during your nearly three-hour running time? Why did you make me want to pull my car keys out of my pocket and start cutting my wrists in a mock attempt at Christ-like suffering? Why, oh why, oh why?

And on top of that, Matt Damon (who I usually want to father my children) gives the most boring performance EVER. Doesn't anyone understand that playing a character as a complete emotional void and as a person who is utterly lifeless is NOT interesting? Simply put, three hours of lifelessness is BORING. Hey, I can stare at my toenails all day, but that doesn't make it a performance.

I don't think I can properly convey to you the depth of my despair over you, The Good Shepherd. So I leave it to some anonymous kid on Yahoo! Movies, who declares in his user review: "I can't imagine someone under 25 ever finishing the film, but I know my father would love it as he too is free from emotion and interest in life as this film is from start to finish." I got your back, brutha.

With Sincere Disgust,
Prince Gomolvilas

—Reporting From Glendale, California

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  1. Here's some exciting news for you -- they're making a sequel. They're mashing up the stories of The Good Shepherd and George Clooney's The Good German. They're calling it The Good German Shepherd.

    (That was from either Damon or Clooney -- I think it was Clooney.)