Old Guy Back in Action

As you may know, my perpetually young 75-year-old neighbor, Larry H. Faragamo, has been trying to get a job as a film critic for about a year now. To aid in his quest, I have re-posted all his movie reviews on my website (including the ones for Brokeback Mountain, Curious George, and An Inconvenient Truth), as well as his latest insightful article about David Lynch's newest head trip, Inland Empire. Go to my website, and click on the "LARRY" tab at the top to access his brilliance. I am confident that one day soon some editor somewhere will grant him his dying wish. (Even though he's not really dying.)

Speaking of websites, the official Jukebox Stories website was just launched, and it's worth its weight in freakin' gold! Sign the guestbook, and receive a big surprise. (Surprise: nothing!)

—Reporting From Glendale, California

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