Wikipedia Nerds Vs. Prince Gomolvilas...Prince Wins!

Unbeknownst to me, someone created a Prince Gomolvilas Wikipedia entry last week. The original entry was so short that it was flagged for deletion because some Wikipedia nerd suggested that I was not a "notable" subject.

When information about me was then lifted from my website and dumped into my Wikipedia entry verbatim, a controversial five-day discussion about my worthiness in the world of Wikipedia ensued. Wikipedia nerds argued back and forth for days about whether I was to be deleted and forever propelled into irrelevance or whether my entry was to be kept because my existence was indeed justifiable. The riveting and often hilarious discussion is available for your enjoyment right here.

After the five days, my entry triumphed. But it is marked as a "stub" because Wikipedia nerds like you have to expand it enough to make it informative but keep it short enough so that it doesn't seem like a vanity project.

But, alas, my entire life is a vanity project.

—Reporting From Glendale, California

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