Experimenting With Facial Hair

The fact that I only have to shave about once every leap year hasn't stopped me from experimenting with facial hair in the past. My experiments, however, have all turned out to be miserable failures, with my faux goatees being more "faux" than "goatee." (I'm aiming for, of course, "pho goatees.") I always end up looking like a Chinese fisherman. (That is the term that's used when something looks bad on me, i.e., "Jesus Christ, this hat makes me look like a Chinese fisherman!")

Okay, so in actuality, I run an electric shaver across my face every morning, but I woke up Thursday not wanting to succumb to habit. Breaking the rules is healthy every once in a while. Four days later, and I look like a middle school Asian gangsta. So I got rid of the mustache this morning, and am left with curious stubble on my chin.

Only time will tell how this story ends.

—Reporting From Glendale, California


  1. Anonymous1/23/2007

    no lame facial hair.
    1994 has come and gone.
    lose it.

  2. Anonymous1/25/2007

    loren who?

  3. Hmm... this seems like a post that cries out for a photo. :-)

  4. Oh, Prince. Every time I read your blog I start giggling.

    And I agree, a photo or a diagram would be hi-larious, I mean interesting.

  5. You know, I actually took a camera phone photo, but my goatee would not show up in the picture because it was too light and scattered. It was like vampire stubble. And, alas, I have shaved it all off.

    I do these things expressly to make Marisela giggle.