The Truth About Sundance

Loren says that the Sundance experience is exactly the way it's described in Brandon Patton's delightfully verbose and remarkably nimble song, "Park City Is Not L.A.," which details Brandon's time as a Sundance volunteer. Whenever we do the song as a part of Jukebox Stories, I get to play the kazoo parts. The kazoo is more complex than people think. Do you know how much talent it takes to wrap your lips around that thing in just the right way and suck, er, I mean, hum your way to applause? Listen or download the song for free because it was just posted on the Jukebox Stories website.

Speaking of Jukebox Stories, we just booked performance dates in New York and Los Angeles, and we're working on gigs in Brooklyn, Boston, maybe Philadelphia, and maybe D.C. Keep checking the Jukebox Stories calendar because we are on our way to wherever the hell you are!

—Reporting From Glendale, California

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