I come late to technology and to the advances that most people have been enjoying for years. It is not because of laziness on my part; it is because of sheer terror. I mean, I've seen all three Terminator movies. Robots want to kill you!

So it is only now that I am discovering web-based blog readers. You know: those websites where I can collapse all the blogs I'm interested in into one handy web page. For the last two days, I've been testing dozens of blog readers and finally found one that functions the way I want it to. You see, I really need it to be my bitch. And Pageflakes is one awesome bitch!

Because I am such a narcissist, I sometimes forget that my blog isn't the only one on the Internet. Now, with Pageflakes, I can be constantly reminded that other people exist. This conveniently coincides with my recent interest in other people. As a playwright, you would think that I have always been interested in other people. But other people know that that hasn't always been true.

Bloggers, put links to your RSS feeds on your blog, dammit! It's not like there are robots who could go get that information for me.

Or are there?

I wouldn't know.

--Reporting From Glendale, California

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