Making a List, Checking It Twice

As you may know, I am obsessed with making lists. Whether it's "things I have to do today" or "the top ten episodes of 24" or "a time line of Pork Chop's weight fluctuation," there's something about organizing my thoughts that give me comfort. So I recently decided to make a list of every movie I have ever seen. Since the glorious Internet has given me the capability to do pretty much everything (you know I'm not exaggerating, I'm not!) , I Google searched for some website that would easily help me keep track of films.

Alas, there are many sites where you can create a movie log, but few that will allow you sort in multiple ways. I need to sort by release date (that's just the way I am!), so it left me with two options: IMDb, which we all know and love and want to hump, and a relatively new venture called I Heart Movies, which attempts to combine 1.) some of the social marketing aspects of MySpace with 2.) the comprehensive database technology of IMDb with 3.) the DVD (instead of CD) trading trackability of LaLa.

So I tried I Heart Movies for a couple days (it was created by college dudes from Michigan, I believe), but their database of films is not anywhere as complete (I don't expect it to be 'cuz it's still in beta) as IMDb, which is fine except for the fact that I could not find dozens of movies I had seen. I Heart Movies allows you to request that they enter missing films, and they have already uploaded some of mine, but, if they want to catch up, they're going to have to open a sweatshop in the basement of their campus quad and get dozens of children to do data entry on computers every time I log on. "Faster, faster! Enter all that Kindergarten Cop info now! I said, 'Now,' dammit!"

For now, I'm on IMDb, and I've already logged 1,228 titles in a relatively short period of time using various methods. I may hop back onto I Heart Movies, though I don't really feel the need to socially network with, say, college dudes from Michigan, and DVDs (and CDs too, LaLa!) will be obsolete in the very near future.

—Reporting From Glendale, California


  1. sweatshop in the basement of their campus?

    Why don't they just outsource it to India? Or tap the prison system, lots of cons are already telemarketers...just a thought.

    ps. my word verification is "gnnynugs", that sounds like a real word.

  2. Yes, India! That's brilliant! They do everything already anyway!