"The Office" Season Finale: Holy Crap!

So the third season finale of The Office was fucking amazing! I am still crying.

My other favorite sitcom of all time is, of course, Arrested Development, but, despite that series' relentlessly fast and furious pace and seemingly unending barrage of jokes, it never does pack an emotional wallop the way the U.S. version of The Office does time and time again. The Office is biting and bitter and satirical, but the actors and writers show a deep love and respect for the characters, no matter how distasteful, tacky, or simply insane they can be.


The simple act of Jim asking Pam to dinner was when I absolutely lost it. It speaks to—really—the power of love and our longing for second chances, but it also says something about the human spirit—and that is not hyperbole. Despite the fact that Jim suffered deep rejection and disillusionment at the end of season two, which he has never quite recovered from, it's soul-stirring to see him continue to hope and to have the courage to take yet another leap of faith. Some may call him naive. But even the naysayers can't help but root for him.

—Reporting From Glendale, California


  1. HOORAY! I'm browsing Blogs, and wandered onto yours, and LOVE LOVE LOVE The Office. I was clapping and cheering the finale. Awesome.

  2. Hey, thanks for visiting.

    I'm going to watch the finale AGAIN tonight. :) I just can't get enough!