Ron Paul, Party Crasher

How did Ron Paul crash the Republican primary debate? He fiercely opposes the war in Iraq, criticizes American foreign policy, and raises the blood pressure of former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani so much that I thought Rudy was going to pop a blood vessel during the debate last week in South Carolina. Did I mention that Ron Paul is a Republican congressman from Texas who is pro-life? Yes, he is a pro-life Texas Republican, which makes his Iraq views highly unpopular within his party and which sparked much post-debate debate. These are the comments that so got him busted with his own people:

And then Ron Paul had to defend himself against Sean Hannity, post-debate:

So who's coming to Ron Paul's defense? The most liberal of liberals! Did Bill Maher really call Ron Paul "my new hero"?

And do those girls on The View love him too?

What gives, Ron Paul? Why are you crashing the Republican party?

—Reporting From Glendale, California

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