Encylopedia Prince and the Case of the Magically Appearing Wristbands

When I woke up this morning and walked across my living room rug, I noticed a black wristband on the floor that just seemed to appear out of nowhere. Alas, it was not the previously mentioned missing wristband, but one that said: "CORPORATE WHORE."

A few feet away, up on a shelf, was the Maybeck High School wristband that I had lost and that had caused me to shed bitter tears. I will now put it back on, and the only way anyone will get it off me is if they hacksaw off my hand like Jack Bauer in 24.

—Reporting From Glendale, California


  1. Isaac Hale6/06/2007

    Yay! It's awesome that you like the wristband! We seriously adored you guys (and how you had no reservations about the last song this time...). I'll be sure to catch as many shows as I can!

  2. Isaac, we had no reservations because you're all grown up now! :) Your parents and teachers and other adults may try to protect you from the truths of the outside world, but NOT US! We want you to know EVERYTHING! Hahahahaha! Just try and stop us! Hahahahaha!