How to Get Me to Almost Kill You

How to get me to almost kill you:

Walk into the living room during the last 30 seconds of Hannah and Her Sisters and distract me by attempting to engage me in a conversation. I will jump over the goddamn couch and strangle you until you plead for your life.

—Reporting From Glendale, California


  1. Anonymous6/18/2007

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  2. Anonymous Spammers...DIE!

  3. Anonymous6/18/2007

    that movie was lame.
    BTW listen to vera, she knows.

  4. Holy crap, Hannah and Her Sisters is not only one of Woody Allen's greatest films, it is one of the greatest films ever made. If you do not think this, then you have no heart and no soul. You are just a shell of person. A SHELL, I TELL YOU!

  5. Anonymous6/18/2007

    nope, sorry.
    that movie sucked donkey balls.
    no one did anything they just sat around and talked. woody needs to go to a couple of screenwriting classes.

  6. All right, I'll have my Hannah and Her Sisters, and you can have your Home Alone 4 and Battlefield Earth.

  7. wasn't the last 30 seconds of Hannah and Her Sisters a canoodling scene between Allen and Diane Wiest? What's that all about? (Yes, I know about, "I'm pregnant.")

    p.s. this comment was made possible with the generous brain power of Marisela's friend Carrie. Who loves Hannah and Her Sisters.

  8. Yes, that is the final SHOT of the movie. It's one of Woody Allen's few happy endings. You just can't come in a ruin something like that.