I'm Gonna Get You!

A couple people e-mailed me today to inform me that JUKEBOX STORIES got a special shout-out in this past Friday's San Francisco Chronicle and was a pick of the week by Daily Candy, a highly influential culture site. Why didn't I know about this myself?! What's wrong with my Google Alert?! Did anybody save last Friday's Chron? I know my stalkers have already placed that paper on my shrine, but please does anybody else have it? Apparently, they ran this photo on the right, which is so great because it looks like I'm gonna fuck your shit up. And you know I will.

If I knew we were going to get all this press and sell out, I would've booked more venues and dates. I've always wanted to perform at the Power Exchange! (Just kidding. No, seriously. I am kidding. Don't e-mail me about this.)

I'm off to San Francisco in just a few hours. But I can't sleep. Cyndi Lauper's "The Goonies 'R' Good Enough" is on repeat.

—Reporting From Glendale, California

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