Risking My Life to Keep You Informed

I just placed a call to Actors' Equity Association to get clarification on the subject that I brought up in my previous entry, regarding parents not being allowed to videotape their children's plays. I was routed to voicemail. I left a message. I used my real name.

"Wait! What?!" you cry. "Prince, you didn't really use your real name, would you? AEA is a cult that goes after people and burns them like Salem witches!"

These days, I am fearless. If I turn up dead in a ditch, go after AEA first. You know who to go after second.

—Reporting From Glendale, California


  1. don't look at me to avenge you just because i'm part sicilian.

    i mean, i know have relatives who are guys.. you don't talk about it. my grandmother said, "no such thing as those guys. they are men who play cards and eat together on saturday nights." didn't you ever watch the sopranos?


    okay, give me a call.


    and, yes, tony is dead. watch it from a director's vision, and the actor's pov. why people questioned it, i'll never know.

  2. I never watched The Sopranos, but I read about the series finale. And I think it's BRILLIANT!

  3. what was so....so...so odd was, people questioned, "is tony dead?"

    here's the scene.. and i'm not talking all the clues and such.. it's so easy to figure it out, even my jarhead, who has never seen it, said, "he's dead".

    they are in the diner, journey is playing (and you wonder how many hits that song got to be downloaded)... people coming in and out. meadow, the daughter is trying to park her car.. you wonder, if they have that much money, why didn't they get her the car that parallel parks itself? but, i digress,and that shows how my mind works.

    flashes from other pov's and back to tony's pov.

    a prior show has a important scene, when bobby talks of death, of being killed and he says, "you'd not see it coming, you'd go to black" or something along that line.

    journey playing. meadow walks in. onion rings being eaten. creepy guy in cheap members only jacket goes to bathroom behind them.

    tony's pov. completely. sees family, sees daughter.

    blackout. no music. no sound.

    credits roll.

    you tell me if he's alive, mowing grass with steve martin in a suburb somewhere.

  4. Thanks for the description. Sounds even MORE brilliant than I thought!