Taste Us

As if being picked up by Daily Candy and the Chronicle in San Francisco weren't enough to inflate the already massive egos of Brandon and yours truly, this upcoming Sunday performance of JUKEBOX STORIES in Los Angeles just got picked up by Flavorpill! I love how they call us "part song-and-dance, part casino racket," as if we're trying to pull one over on you. "One of these three cards is the queen, which one is it, I'm mixing them up, follow the queen, follow the queen, where's the queen, choose.... WRONG! SUCKER!"

—Reporting From Glendale, California


  1. Hmm... if Prince held three cards and played follow the queen, wouldn't the easiest way to win be to keep staring at him the whole time, and never look at the cards? :-)

  2. FINALLY...someone ALMOST as witty as ME!