This Movie Makes Me Want to Die

Every death in Sunshine is beautiful to watch. Each one possesses its own unique aesthetic and elegant sense of choreography. And if death is really this gorgeous, then count me in. Finally, folks, here's a movie that makes you want to die. But in a good way.

And, no, I'm not spoiling the film by mentioning that there is death—oh, sweet death—because, c'mon, have you ever seen a sci-fi movie in which characters didn't drop dead?

I managed to catch a screening of Sunshine more than a month ahead of its release date (July 20), and, boy, I feel like a nerd for liking it so much. But that's okay. Nerds make the world go 'round.

Director Danny Boyle has always managed to find the beauty in the ugly. He did it with drug addiction in Trainspotting and with zombies in 28 Days Later. And in Sunshine, his visually stunning $50 million science-fiction extravaganza, horrific images have grace and terrifying sights make sense.

And in the midst of all the ugly comes the irony: the crew of the spaceship Icarus 2 is a ridiculously attractive group of people. I would hump them all. Twice. For those of you who fancy mens, Chris Evans and Cillian Murphy wrestle each other, and that's enough to make you blow a load or two. For those of you who fancy womens, Michelle Yeoh speaks English (English!), so you can imagine her screaming out your name in ecstasy in bed. Something for everyone!

They're on a mission to drop a bomb in order to reignite the dying sun, thereby saving humankind back on earth. A simple enough task, I suppose, but this is a man-against-the-elements story, and the elements are unlike anything you've ever seen.

And, finally, a big American film with no token Asian. There are—count 'em—three Asians! That's 38% of the crew! Things sure are progressive in space.

And did I mention the gold spacesuits? Blinged-out astronauts! You don't see that every day.

—Reporting From Glendale, California


  1. This looks decent. Better than the sci fi I'm watching on a regular basis thanks to the sci fi channel. Holy cow do they have bad shows and I love them! And you're right, someone always dies in a sci fi movie. Just the other day Casper Van Dien was trying to survive in Meltdown...yes, the earth was pushed by an asteroid onto a path too close to the sun. Kinda the opposite of Sunshine I guess. Since it was poorly directed, cheesy and had Casper Van Dien I guess it was the antithesis of Sunshine. So...does that mean Casper Van Dien is the opposite of Cillian Murphy?

  2. Casper Van Dien gets a bad rap just because he stars in Christian apocalypse movies. What's wrong with Christian apocalypse movies? NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!