Recover Your Soul

As you may know, my favorite musician of all time is John Wesley Harding, and this link to a classic blog entry from 2004 will attest to that. He's playing at McCabe's in Santa Monica this Sunday, and I will be there, and you will too if you know what's good for you. I guarantee you that it will be one of the greatest music performances you will ever see. If not, you have no soul and there is a void in your cultural heart.

In order to properly spread the art of JWH, I will send everyone who requests one a mix CD featuring my own personal favorite JWH songs, culled from hundreds of tracks over the last 16 years. People having been trying to get me to do this for them for years now, but I have been unable to narrow down my favorites to make the ultimate compilation. But I will now. Just send your mailing address to, along with a few words about how hot you think I am. That's all the compensation I require. Such a small price to pay for so much joy.


  1. who knew?

    oh, and, i'm fine.. wasn't near grand central yesterday... no worries.

  2. I only read the news once a week.

    So I will know the full scope of the events to which you refer next Thursday. I will offer my sympathies then.