Better With Age

I'm re-watching my favorite Woody Allen movies in chronological order. Last night, it was Annie Hall, which I have long considered the best of them all. And the film loses none of its potency today, no matter how old it gets and no matter how many times I see it. I think the older I get also, the more emotionally resonant it becomes. I still laugh out loud, but everything that happens from the final breakup scene on absolutely wrecks me. Allen's loving blend of nostalgia, regret, and a humorous outlook despite it all is heartbreaking.
"If I have grass or alcohol or anything, I get unbearably wonderful. I get too, too wonderful for words."
—Woody Allen
Annie Hall


  1. You know, I can see you as an Asian Woody Allen: a guy who'd marry someone he'd adopt. I hear the Thai people have some really freaky family relations.

  2. Why is Noel Alumit trying to torture me? He must not be getting any at home, so it's making him cranky.