My favorite parts of the The Simpsons Movie are things you would never see on the TV show, and they actually made me gasp like a prude because they were so unexpected. They involve a body part, an illegal substance, a swear word, and the single funniest and most irreverent thing Ralph Wiggum has ever said, and I laugh thinking back on them now.

It doesn't seem as if the makers of The Simpsons Movie aimed for this to be a definitive work in the Simpsons oeuvre—it just feels like a very good, very funny episode of the TV series that just happens to be three times the length of a regular show. You may say they're setting their sights low, but, when you sit back and think about it a bit, very good and very funny for a sitcom that's been on the air for 18 years and broadcast more than 400 episodes is a pretty damn impressive achievement.

Perhaps I was in good spirits because I wasn't unfortunate enough to have to stand behind the counter at the Hawaiian barbecue place like the young stoned dude who took my order and wandered around with bags of to-go boxes in a pot daze. At least I think he was stoned. If not, he was kind of dumb. (Which, in retrospect, seems better because that's how I prefer them. Young and dumb. Sexy!)

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