Jail Would Be Bad for My Morale...and My Butt

I was just struck with the realization that I shouldn't blog so much about my obsession with video games that involve guns. Remember when that Asian high school student with a 4.2 grade point average got arrested for writing an essay? His English teacher instructed him to free write and not censor himself. Well, he free wrote, didn't censor himself, joked about sex and violence in his essay, and was promptly wrangled by the police and discharged from the Marines. Yes, the school pulled the proverbial trigger on him with a disorderly conduct charge, perhaps because the Virginia Tech shootings are clear evidence that, if any Asians (who are normally so so quiet) show any signs of aggression, then it means they are sure to open fire sooner or later. Man, if some brainy Marine with perfect grades can't escape the clutches of the poh-leece, do I really stand a goddamn chance?

—Reporting From Glendale, California

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