Just released on DVD today is a nifty Korean horror film called The Host. It's an exciting monster movie that's full of thrills and well-developed characters, and its undercurrent of family connection, loyalty, and sorrow is a sight to behold as much as the slimy creature that stalks the citizens of South Korea. Don't you wish you saw it in the theater like I did?


  1. I saw it in the theatre! I was awesome. And I convinced my parents to go see it, too. They loved it! That says a lot 'cause my mom, well, she isn't the monster movie type. Just goes to show, this film didn't sacrifice story one bit. Whoo. I'm buying it.

  2. I just saw it again last night. Loren was pissed at the ending. I told him, "This ain't a Hollywood film!"

    That dinner scene in the middle is AMAZING!