Psychic Cat Predicts Death...or Does He?

Reuters reports that a cat named Oscar can predict when residents at a nursing home in Rhode Island are going to die. On 25 occasions, the feline has chosen to curl up next to certain residents, and within a couple hours they pass away. Some of the nursing home staff think there is a logical explanation in that Oscar may be picking up visual cues from staff members, and some think the cat has psychic powers.

Why, oh, why has no one suspected that there may be foul play involved? Aren't you a little suspicious? Perhaps that urban legend about cats sucking your breath while you sleep holds some water after all?

Oscar the Cat: comforting clairvoyant or malicious murderer? You decide.


  1. Peter Varvel7/27/2007

    That's why, I'm a DOG person.
    (sorry, Pork Chop!)

  2. The big question is motive...I mean, are the victims putting Oscar the cat in their will and then just happen to die afterwards?

    Has anyone looked at the cat's assets? Oh, wait, I'm sure he has a swiss account.


  3. I'm glad you two recognize the conspiracy here.

  4. Obviously the cat is a dastardly criminal. Look at that smug, furry face. He looks like he was a mobster in a former life.

  5. I love love love his facial expression!