Simpsonized Green Day

Green Day just released their amusing version of The Simpsons theme song. Check it out in all its full glory if you have Rhapsody (one of the greatest inventions known to man). If not, you can catch a clip of it from KROQ, which someone posted on YouTube.

Also, thanks to FMD for directing my attention to this website, where you can upload a photo to Simpsonize yourself! This surely is yet another one of the greatest inventions known to man, but as of yet I personally have been unable to find a picture of myself that will work with their software. Maybe you'll have better luck? Let me know if it works, and send me your Simpsonized pics—I'd love to see what they look like.


  1. Anonymous7/24/2007

    (818) 346-9255

  2. I called. But I got an answering machine. Who is this?

  3. Peter Varvel7/25/2007

    Dare I say it? At least the majority of "Simpsons" characters are yellow, right?
    I'm only half white, so maybe that makes me only half racist.
    As far as "Simpsonizing" yourself, how about any photo of you resembling Wayland Smithers?
    (hey, at least I didn't suggest that scientist geek!)
    PS: My word verification for today was 'pogda.' Maybe I'll be able to use that as a drag name, "Pogda the POG Princess."

  4. Ha ha! Theey should've called it "Asianize yourself."

  5. Peter Varvel7/25/2007

    I credit the Koreans.
    The animation process includes having the color done in Korea, if I'm not mistaken.
    Thanks Mr. Park, Mrs. Hahn, and Mr. Song!