There's No Such Thing as Impropriety in West Hollywood

Concerned about whether or not it was okay for me to use profanity in a public place like A Different Light Bookstore in West Hollywood, I asked novelist Noel Alumit for his opinion prior to the launch of last night's Promising Reading Series, which also featured Giovanni Ortega, who wielded spoken word/poetry, and Serena Lin, who shared some fiction on the eve of leaving her job at the public defender's office to pursue a life in the arts. Noel told me that, yes, it was perfectly fine to swear, and, when I saw that I was going to be reading in front of a rack that prominently displayed Butt magazine, I realized that I could probably say fucking anything.

I must give a heartfelt thanks to everybody who was there, and I welcome all you new BAMBOO NATION readers who are now reading simply because I told you to and who are now unwittingly a part of my secret cabal. And guess who else was there? Literary and sociopolitical all-stars Felice Picano, Trebor Healy, and Angela Oh. And remember, every time you don't show up to a Prince Gomolvilas event, god kills a kitten.

Among the pieces I presented was a classic hilarious blog entry titled "I'm Not Going" that you can listen to right now. It deconstructs my unbecoming obsession with Jennifer Hudson and the movie version of Dreamgirls. Don't you love it already?

—Reporting From Glendale, California

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