You've Danced on Many Laps

Ever since Loren and his camera followed around an ex-stripper named Diablo Cody in Minneapolis (I mean, what else is there, really, to do in Minneapolis?), he's been spending some time with her now that she lives in Los Angeles. She's a smart and funny suburban girl from a Catholic upbringing, who decided one day to start stripping and lap-dancing for a living. In other words, she's exactly like me.

Well, her adventures on the poles of Minneapolis were documented in her memoir, Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper, just the kind of book I would read if I read anything other than channeled texts from disembodied entities. She chatted with David Letterman about it, and, yes, she really is that witty and personable in real life:

The reason Loren was following her around in the first place is because his company is producing a movie that she wrote. I don't know the movie and I don't know her writing, but I do know her because I have to go pick Loren and her up from street corners when he's had too much to drink. I am then bribed into taking them to karaoke night at All-Star Lanes in Eagle Rock with the promise of a handful of quarters so that I can play killing games at the All-Star arcade.

On Friday, screeching office girls monopolized the karaoke machine, Loren and Diablo never got to sing, and the arcade was so primitive that I had to shoot aliens instead of people, which, as you know, takes all the fun out of simulated murder.

Add Diablo's blog, Pussy Ranch, to your blogroll. And call me if you need a designated driver—but the arcade you take me to better let me shoot humans.

—Reporting From Glendale, California

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