Ben Harper Is Not Ben Lee

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Wednesday, August 22, 2007
Robert, do not call me up in the morning to tell me that Ben Lee is going to be on KCRW because I will get very excited and shower just so that I will be fresh and clean for the broadcast and my entire day will be ruined when I turn on the radio and it is actually Ben Harper and my heart sinks and my day is ruined. Ben Harper is not Ben Lee. not...

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  1. Enrique Said,

    But their lovechild would be Harper Lee.


  2. Someone give that man a rim shot! (No, not THAT kind of rim shot, Enrique.)


  3. Amy Said,

    This is just tragic.


  4. geoff Said,

    I totally feel your pain with the Ben Lee/Ben Harper confusion. I would have been upset too. Ben Lee is amazing! Have you seen his movie yet? If not its called Rage in Placid Lake. He's actually a good actor on top of being an amazing musician. E-hifive for Ben Lee.


  5. Amy and Geoff, you are gonna love love love love the new album! (Much like a tween girl loves HSM2.)


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