Ben Lee Makes Me Cry (But in a Good Way)

On occasion, music will make me cry. It's usually not because a song is particularly sad or moving, but because it's inexplicably beautiful on multiple levels.

Ben Lee's new album, Ripe, does not come out until next month, but he's just released a cockteasing three-track EP to give us a preview of things to come. The lead single, "Love Me Like the World is Ending," and the nifty, infectious "American Television" (I dare you not to woo-hoo-hoo along) are melodic indie rockers, but it is the mostly acoustic "Ripe" with its simple yet profound lyrics and its innocent worldview that's the real tear-baiting gem.

You remember how much I love Ben Lee and his music, so you know how glorious a day this has been, taking in the EP for the first time this afternoon on my Sony headphones and with my eyes closed. As Shelley Duvall says in Annie Hall: "Transplendid."

(Don't know who Ben Lee is? Where the fuck have you been? Who the fuck are you? You do remember "Catch my Disease," right? Right?!)


  1. Anonymous8/03/2007

    There really is nothing like a quart of ben and jerry's double chocolate brownie, my lil kitties, and a new Ben Lee album! Those are my favorite friday nights!

  2. I can't tell if you're making fun of me or if you're as crazy as I am.

  3. Anonymous8/03/2007

    Ben Lee is the best! As a girl who is afraid of real men I can’t tell how comforting it is to know that there are guys out there that i could completely dominate in a relationship! Before I go to bed at night I always fantasize about Ben Lee and his non-threatening eyes looking into mine and placing his non-threatening hand on my cheek and saying wow! Then Ben Lee takes me shopping for all the shoes I want!

  4. Either the girls over on the Ben Lee message board have invaded my blog with love and sincerity, or my friends are trying to torment me.

  5. Anonymous8/03/2007

    Make Fun?!?
    Hey there needs to be someone to sing away the blues of this single girl.
    Ben Lee would never call me fat. Or make me feel uncomfortable by watching sports. Or ask me why i drink so much and then cry alone....

  6. Anonymous8/03/2007

    I want to kidnap Ben Lee and have him serenade me while I do my ironing. I love him!

  7. Okay. Whoever you all are, you make me laugh.

    However, I start crying when I think about how you in actuality express my true desires.

  8. Anonymous8/03/2007

    I totally disagree with all of these disparaging comments. I feel that Ben Lee has been a very empowering force in my life and not a reason to sulk around on my wicker sofa all day. Every time I listen to Ben Lee I feel good enough to go out and head over to Pier-1 Imports and find some new and fresh way to add to the décor of my one bedroom apartment. Ben Lee makes me feel like I’ve had Dr. Phil all to myself for an entire day; empowered, desirable and ready to make changes!

  9. Anonymous8/03/2007

    Ben Lee is my salvation. He is my Prozac. I no longer need my meds, only his music and vanilla candles.

  10. Anonymous8/03/2007

    I have a wicker basket full of cat toys next to my couch. Also, I love BEN LEE!!! When I watch "My So-Called Life" DVDs and eat Snackwells I love to listen to "Breathing Tornadoes" and put little star stickers on my toenails!

  11. Anonymous9/07/2007

    Ben is wonderful. I wish I had seen him live, I don't know how you resisted tugging on his hem. (He probably uses supermarket hair products, he seems like that kind of low key guy.)

    A hug from Ben Lee, now that would be something that would have me crying!