Books and "Bourne"

I have learned the importance of books and towels. You can use them to kill people.

I am indebted to The Bourne Ultimatum for that important lesson, as well as for its tight narrative, for thrilling action sequences, for great acting, and for rounding out pretty much the most consistently entertaining cinematic trilogy I can think of.


  1. i tend to really focus on films...i work as a scripty on occasion.

    i did not see him pick up that book.

    now, i have to go see the damn thing again, as it's driving me mad(der).

  2. You see, that's one of the brilliant things about the movie. The director and editor give you just this side of "enough" to understand what's going on in an action scene, but you can't really fully comprehend it as a whole. It's as if YOU were right in the middle of it. A punch here, a kick there, you never really know where it came from or where it's coming from next. Exciting, scary, and dangerous.

  3. Maybe now book sales will pick up in this country. Reviews will be like, "Although the character of the grandfather was somewhat underdeveloped, I killed two of my worst enemies with this novel."

  4. Ha! I'm all for multipurpose products.