Continue Your Cinematic Education AND Get Hammered

Have you heard of Lazydork's Movie Drinking Games? This site provides a jaw-droppingly extensive list of films that you can play drinking games with, as in "drink every time someone in the movie does this or says that." (Thanks for the tip, Joanne.)

So before you press play on another DVD, go to that site and see if your movie is listed. Then you can watch the film and get drunk out of your mind!

Obviously, my favorite on the site so far is The Goonies Drinking Game:

Drink Every Time . . .

1. Mikey uses his inhaler

2. Anyone mispronounces "Booby Traps"

3. Andy flirts with Brandon

4. Chunk mentions food or stuffs his face

5. Anyone says "Goonie"

6. Data uses a new invention

7. The Fratellis are mean to Sloth

8. Anyone says "Rich Stuff"


Anytime the Map or "One-Eyed Willie" is shown or mentioned.


  1. I forgot about Chunk!
    I went up to talk to him because he had been on the game show "Body Language" with my sister . . . in the eighties.

    Don't you envy me now?

  2. We used to play the Iron Chef drinking game (doesn't work for the "America" version): Drink whenever they use a British voiceover for the Chairman, drink whenever one of the commentators says "I think ... steam it?" drink whenever a chef has to kill the theme ingredient, drink whenever Iron Chef Japan makes "broth of vigor" or Iron Chef China makes ma po tofu, and drink whenever they use the stock footage of the Chairman biting the yellow bell pepper or shoving a whole sushi into his mouth.

    Mention Goonies to my 67 year-old mother and she will instantly respond "FIFTY DOLLAR BILLS!" It's a bit alarming.

  3. How could you forget Chunk?! How could you forget the Truffle Shuffle?! Even GW's mama remembers!

  4. btw, the Wild Zero DVD has a built in drinking game.
    if you aren't already in the know, Wild Zero is the totally fun, low budget, full length music video (?) for the japanese band Guitar Wolf. Worth the netflix. The rules are explained in the menu, such as drink whenever someone says "rock and roll", anytime someone combs his/her hair, anytime fire shoots from anything, or anything zombie heads explode. In case, you are too wasted or lazy to remember the rules, a cute little beer mug shows up in the corner when you are to consume your beverage of choice.

  5. Derek, that sounds brilliant! I wish I drank!

  6. glad you enjoyed. Thanks for the mention!!

    - Lazydork