David Cope Won't Leave Philadelphia

When Brandon Patton and I took JUKEBOX STORIES to a Philadelphia coffeehouse a few months ago, we opened for a local musician named David Cope, a stellar artist who has built a good reputation for himself in the area and who dabbles in acoustic singer-songwriter stuff, glam rock, funk, and myriad other genres. He's a really terrific live performer with a fantastic, stunning voice, and I don't know why I haven't kept in touch with him, especially because he e-mailed me shortly after we met so that he could describe his interest in breasts and how they have impacted his life in different ways. (Would he love my sister or what?)

How cool is David Cope and his music? Aside from the fact that the Backstreet Boys' manager once told him that a song he wrote was "too Backstreet Boys for the Backstreet Boys," he submits this evidence to the court of your opinion—this video clip is of him and his ukulele outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art, performing a superb little ditty called "Dolly Mae":

David Cope sings Dolly Mae outside the Art Museum

He's not a recluse or anything, but he's one of those artists who doesn't release albums or go on tour. I even think he's afraid to fly or something.

What he does do is burn CDs of his music for people, based on their particular tastes. Want an album of all acoustic stuff? He'll burn you one. All glam? No problem. I don't even think he charges anything—just make him an offer for his time and postage, and you've got good new music for your iPod. Man, he is a freak.

(By the way, Brandon Patton, where are you?!)


  1. Good stuff. On the topic of ukulele... I find this video, by the "Ukes of Hazard" entitled "Gay Boyfriend" to be quite humorous.

  2. Brandon8/15/2007

    Holy crap I have been in a major flood in England that ruined the Truck Music Festival, but aside from ripping out wet carpets and wading through waist deep farm runoff, I also managed to bite some thug from glouchestershire and almost get the shit beaten out of me, and then I ended up at the bathroom of a British rockstar where I sat in his bathtub with two other partiers and sang for everyone who came to urinate.
    Now I am spending days in a big Manhattan theater judging the punk rock musical abilities of soulful Broadway singers. The weirdness never stops. Dave Cope is a sweetheart - but he'll die if he comes into contact with peanut oil, so don't try to feed him. His new project is called glamdrix.

    Miss ya prince!