Dropping Names Like Lead Weights

Because Loren was in Kansas City, Missouri, bodyguarding a print of Diablo Cody's movie, Juno (the task is not as exciting as it may sound), she took me instead to the King of Kong after-party, which was held at Big Wang's, a sort of indie Hooters. I love the fact that some guy somewhere thought to himself, "That Hooters is an evil corporation! It's time for the little guy to make it in the titty-and-hot-wings business!"

Vince Vaughn, who was holding court with laughing girls that he surely wanted to screw, is as tall as a cell phone tower, and my phone actually did get better reception around him. Diablo's writerly friend, Dana Fox, wanted to introduce us to him so that we would have something concrete for our "spank bank," a term that Diablo uses and a term that is now a part of my daily vocabulary. Alas, we didn't get a chance to meet him because there were too many laughing girls (whores!), but Vince did accidentally elbow Diablo in the tit, which is way better than an introduction anyway.

We also got to watch Steve Wiebe, one of the stars of the movie, try to break the world record for the highest Donkey Kong score. His game unceremoniously ended at 861,100 points, which, for perspective, would be the fifth greatest score of all time. Nerd.

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