Experience What It's Like to Be Filipino...If Only for a Moment

Thanks to Mad's Mad World for calling my attention to the fabulous Filipino Name Generator. When you go to this site and type in your own name, the site will create a Filipino first name, middle name, nickname, and last name for you because you know those Filipinos love having enough personal identifiers as to not be mistaken for anyone else. (It's hard to tell them apart otherwise, you see.)

I am now officially known as "Michael Allan Too Fast Batongmalaque." Isn't that great?!

Such fun names—perhaps that's why the Filipinos are so damn happy.

All generated names, by the way, are real names from Pinoy sources, lest you question the program's authenticity. And, believe me, it's tons of laugh-out-loud, unintended genius. Just keep inputting your friends and family members, and you'll see what I mean.


  1. Hey, thanks for the link to my blog!


    Estrella Olinda Little Bit Pangilinan

  2. Ha ha ha! I told you Filipino names are ass-funny!

  3. Peter Varvel8/08/2007

    I was also Estrella! That is, when I left it as 'female' and entered my real name. "Estrella Rachel Baby Girl Navalta," my new Filipina drag name.
    My Pinoy counterpart is "Ferderand
    Carlito Maliito Jaralve."
    Hmmm. Maybe I'll stick with the female version.

  4. Thanks for linking to me.

    Ferderand Carlito Maliito Belite

  5. Diablo8/08/2007

    Isabella Olinda Honey Pie Colayco. Delicious!

  6. These are all hi-larious! Remember to say them out loud in a thick Filipino accent to get the full effect.