Filipinos Have a Very Special Relationship to the Art of Song

Don't you love it when straight Filipino-American teenage boys who are too straight and too old to dance and lip-sync to High School Musical actually roll camera and tape themselves dancing and lip-syncing to High School Musical? Filipinos love this kind of shit (musicals, karaoke, etc.), so that must explain this video of them doing a duet of "Breaking Free," with one guy Zac Efron-ing it up and the other guy taking on the Vanessa Anne Hudgens part with surprising gusto. Thanks to Mad Megan for finding this clip for us:

Breaking Free

Their lack of irony is almost frightening.


  1. Ah, you know us so well... !

  2. Yeah, but are they prisoners? I think not.

    I'm sorry, but filipino prisoners performing en masse choreographed lipsynchs to Radio Gaga cannot be topped.

  3. Anonymous10/23/2007

    if you do not like hsm than dont comment about it.
    cuz u are just looking stupid.

  4. Anonymous10/23/2007

    if u do not like hsm than dont comment about them.
    cuz u are just going to look stupid to thoes who do like them and what not. so if u are a hater than go away with ur hate cuz we dont need that or want that up in hear ok ok.