Further Evidence That the Dutch Are the Chosen People

A couple days ago, a giant-sized Lego man sporting a shirt that reads "NO REAL THAN YOU ARE" was fished out of the sea near the Dutch resort of Zandvoort. Nobody knows the origin of the Lego man, now known as Ego Leonard (as brandished on his shirt), but some have already attributed his arrival to a tear in the fabric of our reality. In the following video clip, the blond Dutch lifeguard-looking dude is perhaps the funniest monologist (unintentionally) of his generation.


  1. Peter Varvel8/09/2007

    I think this is reassuring. Now, more people are seeing "tears in the fabric of reality" that I experience on a daily basis!
    Am I wrong in ass-uming that perhaps an 'L' just came off in the ocean and he's actually 'Lego Leonard'?
    That woman touched his ass.

  2. Oh, man, I didn't even think about that! He MUST BE "Lego Leonard" because "Ego Leonard" is just stupid!