Here's What You Can Do for My Birthday

Today, August 28, is my birthday. I'll be shooting Laundromat all day and then heading off for a Zefrontastic celebration (I'm serious), so I won't be able to update this blog or read your comments for a while.

But in my absence I thought we would have a little bit of fun. Instead of posting boring old birthday wishes, I want you to post birthday wishes as if they were written by fanatical tween or teen fans, female or male. Go to the comments section, and shower me with the kind of adoration that I can only dream of receiving in real life.

Then, when I inevitably meet Zefron some time in the future, we will have a fan-mail smackdown. With your ammunition, I will be able to bring him down a notch or two (or at least to his knees...which, incidentally, is rather convenient, dontcha think?).


  1. Lyke OMFG! Prince ur lyke only thee hottest teen sensation evr! I WAN TO MARRY YOU! Omg, omg omg. HAPPEE BIRTDYA!!!!1!1!1 lolz ur so hawt, i wish u lyked grls

    (It was very hard for me to type that...)


    Roman numeral one, less than three, letter after T!

    THAT MEANS I <3 U!!!!!!!

    And now, a Golden Girls reference about your cake, because if loving the Golden Girls makes me a gay boy, then so be it:

    "Is that what it is? I thought it was supposed to be a map of Florida!"

  3. Hey cutie! :)
    Stay as sweet as you are! Don't ever change!
    Have a bitchin' summer. And don't forget me, 'kay? Let's go to the beach or the mall and hang out!
    Frenz 4-ever!!!

    Old Skool

  4. u rock & ur so funny & hottt. if any1 ever sez you got dropped on ur head i'll stick a flagpole up their ass cuz they must be way gay.

    he is soooo hotttt and is also i great person
    he diserves the teen award for the hottie thingy
    or whatever that zac got because
    if you dont think hes hott..
    then your obsessed with him
    and the only reason you dont think he because
    you cant stand the fact that sumone might be
    hotter then you.
    wich is probably everyone in the world.
    prince 4-everr lol

  6. So last night when my cousins were sleeping over? i asked the weejee bored who would be my husband someday??? and it said PRINCE GOMOLVZZJIIK, wich I think means YOU!!!!!1111 my cousin said i was pushing the weejee board trying to make it say you're name, but i was'nt!!! i am not a lier!

    i just think your'e cute, even cuter than drake and josh from the show drake and josh.

    HAPPY B1RTHDAAAAAAAY!!!!!! love, mandy

  7. OMG, ur, like, gaytastic! Happy Birthgay!

  8. Hiya, Prince! You are so like my BFF.

    Luv ya lotz!!! Have an awesome birthday and stay super sweet 4 ever.

    (just so you know everwhere there's a dotted i, it's a little heart, just couldn't figure out the coding.)


  9. ♥♥♥♥ ♣♠♦
    ♂♂ & ♀♀
    . . . hope that came through

  10. OMG, Prince. I so luv U! Happy B-day! U delishous...wait, I can't do this. I have too much pride. Prince, you suck.

  11. Happy birthday Prince!!!! You are like so fabtastic! Wanna makeout?! lol!!
    Your BFF,

  12. what, you can't call and tell me happy birthday on my birthday and then i'm supposed to say happy birthday to you on your birthday? if i were a young gay man, i'd so do you. oh, and i'd wear any underwear you wanted.

    there, happy?

  13. OH EM GEE!!!

    YoU ArE So0o0o0o0o FrIkKiN Co0o0o0oL!!!
    1 w0uLd RaThEr rEaD Ur bl0g tHeN WaTch tat h0tti3 ZaC EfRon iN HiGh SKool MuSiCaL Any Day!!!

    hAPpy B1rThD@Y!!!

    lolz. i luv u!

  14. oh HB, HB, Prince!!!!! ur such a hawtie!!!!!! oh BTW, all my my friends think that zac efron got HAWT in the second movie!!!!! lol and hsm2 was awesome!!!!! better than the first!!!!!


  15. These are freaking amazing! Thanks, everyone, for the best birthday ever!

  16. i am so happy that i now have someone to loathe, detest and villify.
    thanks, you big fucking douche-bag. you are the reason the internet is so fun.

  17. O, Happy Belated Birthday, PG-13!

    xoxoxox and whatnot,
    der meadenschnitzel