The "High School Musical" Post to End All "High School Musical" Posts (You Hope)

Zac Efron must get a lot of ass. If starring in the most watched program ever on basic cable, namely High School Musical 2, doesn't guarantee you an endless supply of hot casual sex, then nothing will. The Disney Channel's Friday night premiere of HSM2 broke all kinds of ratings records, and the phenomenon carries so much weight that AOL's QueerSighted blog asked me to write a guest column dissecting the utter gayness of HSM2. So head on over there to read my disturbingly in-depth review, appropriately titled High School Musical 2: Chock Full of Gay. And since this will be my last HSM-related post in a while, you can go back to respecting me in the morning.

[Ed. Note: Comments are turned off for this entry on this blog. Please leave your comments over on QueerSighted, where my post is courting an unexpected amount of controversy—I'm not kidding. From what I can tell, mostly preteen girls are super pissed. And their fury is perhaps even funnier than my column.]