I Like Andy Samberg's Hot Rod (And I'm Not Talking About the Movie)

When I saw Andy Samberg's photo spread in this month's Interview magazine, I decided that he should be my new he-bitch. I mean, look at that mouth—you could fit a cock in there! (I'm not near my scanner, so you get a generic pic here. Go to the Interview site for the actual photos you can pleasure yourself to.)

I just saw Hot Rod, and, because most of it is only moderately amusing, Andy has lost some of his sheen. How quickly they fall out of favor, and how cruelly I fault them for not living up to my unfair expectations. I should not expect a movie about an idiotic wannabe stuntman whose mother is Sissy Spacek—Sissy motherfucking Spacek!—to be an unbridled source of nonstop hilarity and comic genius. Instead, it's just another hit-and-miss comedy that mostly misses and causes half of the audience to get up, leave before the movie's over, and go home to beat off to Interview magazine.

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