I Like the Smell of Clean Laundry

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Monday, August 13, 2007
A former writing student of mine is shooting a short film called Laundromat, and he has cast me as a high-strung, jealous, nagging boyfriend. I am happy that I am so being cast against type. (No snickering, please.)

In his search for a suitable laundromat location, he has not found any Asian bruthas or sistahs who actually own laundromats, which only goes to show you that stereotypes are never there when you need them. So he has discovered that he will have to rely on the kindness of white people (or whichever other races actually run laundromats nowadays).

Do you have any leads?
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  1. Quin Said,

    a polygamist group owns one here in southern utah.

    if that helps.


  2. Quin, you had me at "polygamist." But I ain't goin' to Utah!


  3. No leads for you, but congratulations on the part! I always thought the modern stereotype was that Asians ran drycleaning operations having made the transition from standards laundries because they, as a people, are so cunning.


  4. Holy shit, your former writing student is hot. Uhhh, any chance at all that he uhhh, likes women? ;-p


  5. Constant Drama, um, look at some of those party pictures....


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