To Mad's Mad World: You have basically admitted that Zac Efron had you from the first flick of his pretty hair. Well, here's more fabulousness to fuel your perversion— a video clip of the musical number "Bet on It," the one where he dances on the sand dramatically like a David Copperfield special from the 80s. It's enough to make grown women swoon, and straight men a little bi-curious:

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    he walk like a girl and with his hands out 2


  2. Said,

    I'm, sadly, still unable to see the Zac Efron appeal.


  3. Unable...or unwilling? That's a hot piece of ass!


  4. Madley Said,

    Damn, (I made it to the reflection :).

    [Hey, how come GUYS get to sing songs like "Bet On It!" with a reflection, and girls get Mulan singing about being a shitty daughter?!? Don't get me started on Disney now...]

    All I can say -- the dude's LEGAL.


  5. Too preety, just waaaay too pretty.

    Gimme Clive Owen anyday of the week.


  6. Oh, you're just into that English accent! English dudes can get away with anything!


  7. Enrique Said,

    You know what would be great? A remount of Mysterious Skin starring Zac Efron as the power punch boy.


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