Kids With Candy

I'm on a major writing deadline, so I've decided to sequester myself in my home for the entire holiday weekend. In order to make this as pleasant of an experience as possible, I snuck out tonight to stock up on Vanilla Coke Zero and Chinese food.

On my way out of CVS (where I got the Coke), a young boy no more than 10-years-old was selling candy bars. He had a box of Hershey's With Almonds. I shook my head as I passed him and headed to my car. But then something told me to turn around and go back.

Since the kids selling candy outside of stores are usually doing it to send their dance team to the nationals or buy their sports teams new uniforms or support some other noble cause, I asked the boy, "What is this for?"

He looked at me perplexed for a moment and then said matter-of-factly, "For me."

That was the best answer I had ever heard and, for some reason, the one that I most wanted to reward. I said, "Oh. So you're like a young businessman."

He smiled wide, a bit of pride tinkling in his eyes, and nodded. I gave him money. He gave me chocolate. I'm not going to eat it. But I'm satisfied.


  1. Question is: where did he get the chocolate from in the 1st place?

    He could have stolen it...or not. I dunno. Im getting older and feeling cynical.

  2. No, no, no, I wanna believe that the kid is an honest American capitalist.